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In the last couple of days, I have presented a tech talk in eSpace and followed by a session in BadrIt.

The session was about: Javascript and NodeJS in the Cloud

The talk started with JavaScript history and why some people used to hate it; then the rise of NodeJS and Async IO; then, building Cloud9; and finally my demo was:

My talk had some focus on the Ruby on Rails and other technology stacks (used in eSpace and BadrIt) and why NodeJS would be much better in some use cases. In BadrIt, it turned to be more like a discussion, than a tech session.

I have received great feedback about our work in Cloud9.


Scroipe is a a real-time collaboration system, mainly intended for code writing and development, but can also be used to edit documents.


  • Create and rename documents.
  • Collaborative editing of documents.
  • Playback the document history using the time-slider.
  • Enable/Disable authorship info in documents (you can change your author color).
  • Change document privacy and share with other members.
  • Chat with document members.
  • Syntax highlighting of many languages (Using Ace editor).
  • Alternate between multiple supported Ace themes.

The awesome thing is that:

All of the above features (except privacy settings) are available, even before you sign up for an account.


Then, why you should you create an account ?!

When logged in, you will be able to track and organize your documents, and access advanced privacy features.

Created documents are public by default. However, you can change your documents to be private to be only visible and editable to you and the shared members you manage from the Share dialog.


When developing ScroIDE, realtime collaboration integration options were very limited and pretty much sucks.
Additionally, I have always been passionate about synchronisation algorithms and specifically, Operational Transformation algorithm. So, I have taken the challenge ti implement OT in a timely manner.

Additionally, coming from the experience I gained developing ScroIDE, followed by mastering JavaScript with joining Cloud9 for more than 18 months now.

Scroipe was the result of the challenge tooled with the necessary experience !

Scroipe was developed starting December 18th, 2012 and primally finished on January 15th, 2013.


Update: (Jan 25th)

  • Added editor settings that are saved & restored (& selected theme & syntax)
  • Added emoji chat emotions & emotions like – :)  :D :P :O and so on.
  • Add historical search feature to the time slider.

ScroIDE is a simple online IDE that’s intended for Java Development


But what exactly is ScroIDE ? It all comes from the name: ScroIDE stands for:

Simple Collaborative Real-time Online IDE


Using a desktop IDE is mangled with many installation and environment configuration hassles. Those are all gone using an Online IDE. Additionally,  as the internet comes with, platform-independence and collaboration features are introduced to enable real-time pair programming, code reviews and multi-programming while keeping the desktop-IDE-like interface.

ScroIDE is intended to tackle most Java Virtual Machine application stacks.

IDE Features

  • Running JVM console applications (Java, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, JavaScript Rhino and PHP Quercus).
  • Web application development.
  • Java Debugger.
  • Project sharing, chat and Real-time collaborative editing
  • Bespin code editor with syntax highlighting support for many languages including: Java, XML, JavaScript, CSS and HTML.
  • Context-sensitive java autocompletion.
  • Build and syntax error reporting.
  • Save & Restore edit sessions.
  • SVN for source control management.
  • CloudFoundry deployment of applications.
  • Rick desktop-IDE-like user interface.

Check out the video for a quick demo of ScroIDE features


ScroIDE was developed with the passion to help developers and hope for it to evolve and become the best Online IDE ever.

After being the founder of ScroIDE, I switched to be a member of Cloud9 IDE following my passion of making developer’s life easier.


ScroIDE started on October 2010 and released July 2011 with a team of 3 developers including me as the founder and lead developer.

Upon joining Cloud9 IDE, the support has been dropped for ScroIDE.

However, I’m maintaining the availability of the website and the IDE features.

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